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“Physical Performance At A Young Age”

Dr. Abel Rendon, D.Sc, DPT, PT fell in love with physical performance at an early age. Involved in all varsities through his high school years, it began to pave the way into a therapeutic career. A college academic advisor counseled him to merge his love of sport and science which directed

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What Can Myofascial Release Do For Your Pain?

As a clinician, educator, sports enthusiast, and patient, I have come across many different descriptions and explanations of what ‘MYOFASCIAL RELEASE’ is, and I can honestly tell you that it is a bit overwhelming to hear so many uneducated and mis informed publications produced, so many mis leading marketing specific

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Length Over Strength

I was approached the other day and asked “What do you do?”, in which, I replied: I help people correct their movement dysfunction. When thinking about movement dysfunction, it’s useful to classify pain and injury in 3 categories; which I have arranged in most commonly seen in the clinic: Connective tissue

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“I’ve Had Hip Pain On My Right Side For 2 yrs.”

“I’ve had hip pain on my Right side for 2 yrs.” Said a frustrated Nicole (age 44), who injured her hip during a soccer game 2 years ago. She’s been suffering from the deep ‘tooth-ache’ feeling in her Right hip (literally a pain in her butt, or right on her sitting bone”

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Can Scar Tissue’s Effects Be Fixed?

Scar tissue can be an ongoing hindrance for many of us. From an obstacle when it comes to movement, to a constant stretching feeling, dealing with scar tissue is oftentimes a daily, frustrating struggle. Luckily, you don’t have to fight that battle alone, and the happy truth is that you

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