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Each patient is unique, so personalize their care with Scan Vision. Using EKG technology, in 60 seconds the Scan Vision provides a quick measure of muscle tension about the spine, showing muscular compensation patterns for various spinal disorders.  The Scan Vision is the most reliable and reproducible static sEMG tool available. ​​It’s the electronic form of palpation.

The Scan Vision sEMG measures the electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles while weight bearing using a patented wireless 5-electrode design. In other words: easily, accurately, and objectively measure your patient’s muscle tension.

The EP (Electrophysiological) Stress Score is the sum of all muscle activity around the spine, measured in microvolts. It makes the Static sEMG easy to understand for both practitioners and patients. The EP Stress Score is best used as a baseline to track patient progress. Think of it as your EKG for spinal health. Patients love the data, and with their EP Stress Score, they can track their own progress while engaging friends and family members in their care.