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Have You Started To Design Your Life To Fit Your Low back Pain?

With staggering numbers that state 80% of adults have experienced low back pain in their lives it boggles my mind at the compliancy that has come into the ‘standard norm’. When did having pain become a social standard, like a badge of honor or an acceptable standard of health?

Who is to blame? Who manages it? Who consults the patient? And furthermore, what type of evidence is there out there to treat it.

That is the caveat, the TREATMENT for low back pain.

With a simple search good ol Google, you can have over 2 million hits for ‘TREATMENTS for Low back pain’.

Imagine…. Going to the Walmart, Target, or Costco, looking for a bread, and having over 2 million options to choose from… what on earth would you do?

Like most people, people in general have a hard time making decisions. Its not that they don’t want to make a decision, but it’s the fear of making the wrong decision that really ‘freezes’ people from choosing. Then, to add insult to injury, if they do MAKE a decision, and for some reason it does not work, or it costs them time and money, they give up hope and assume nothing else is out there (even though they saw 2 million options of treatment available)

Over the last decade of treating patients with acute, sub-acute, and chronic low back pain I hear this all the time:
“I have degenerative disc disease”,
“I have stenosis in my spine”,
“I been on pain management for 5 years”,
“I have done Physical Therapy before with no help”,
“I visit my Chiropractor every week”,
“ My back pain is hereditary, all my family has had it”
“ I use to be very active, but I just can’t walk for 5 mins before my back pain starts”
“ When I’m busy, I don’t feel my back, but when I sit for a long time or go to lay down my back pain lights me up and its difficult to move or transfer”

Do any of these excuses or statements sound familiar?

If they do, I invite you to be open to what research and evidence is showing to have far more success long term for low back pain.

Myofascial Release is a whole-body intervention that is dedicated to treat the body as a whole and provide structural and fascial mobility to assist the body to return to a balanced state of being.

If you think you in a position to experience a new for of Manual intervention, that is holistic, non-traumatizing, effective and progressive, then I encourage you to call us at 909-796-4342 to schedule a consult or a discovery visit with the only Physical Therapist in the Inland Empire who provides this specialized and highly skilled intervention.


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