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“I’ve Had Hip Pain On My Right Side For 2 yrs.”

“I’ve had hip pain on my Right side for 2 yrs.” Said a frustrated Nicole (age 44), who injured her hip during a soccer game 2 years ago. She’s been suffering from the deep ‘tooth-ache’ feeling in her Right hip (literally a pain in her butt, or right on her sitting bone” which would show up every time she would sit for a prolonged period of time or bend forward.

“Could this be happening to you?”

Hip pain and low back pain are becoming more common every single day, because as a society we are spending more time sitting and less time moving than ever before.

Hip pain and low back pain come from a variety of reasons, but commonly from a distorted connective tissue balance creating impingement at the joint articulations or causing nerve compressions that pass through the pelvic girdler, anteriorly or posteriorly.

There are many misconceptions today about how you should fix sciatica…..
Unfortunately, like Nicole, I’ve treated too many people who have become victims of bad medical advice when treating hip and low back pain. This often leads to months (even years) of unnecessary hip and low back suffering.
“I’ve tried rest, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, pills, topical creams, injections and nothing has helped long term. I’m still in pain daily, but mostly when I sit for a long time. I’ve had x-rays and MRI which show some degeneration of the cartilage, but other structural changes noted.

At the time she injured herself while playing soccer in a co-ed league, she was doing yoga 4x/week, eating healthy, and playing soccer 2x/week….

But when her hip pain struck, it didn’t’ just take away her ability to exercise…

Sitting, driving, bending, and just doing normal daily tasks wore on her.

The shooting, pain in her hip just never seemed to go away (it didn’t help she had a 10 year old girl who is an active volleyball player and plays on a traveling club team).

She had tried everything:
Ice / Heat
Tennis ball self-tissue work
Stretches to her hamstrings and Piriformis
Core exercises no found no Relief
Options were being exhausted and the thought of not being able to stay physically fit bothered her and started to make her feel trapped.

Why weren’t these treatments working?
Nicole, like so many others had fallen into the trap of trying to fix the symptoms of pain

She had spent countless hours (and dollars) on PT, Massage, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture trying to fix her Right Hip, but the pain never went away….

Even though the treatments temporarily go rid of the pain, it was making her injury worse.

Why was it making it worse?
Like ‘picking a scab’ that is trying to heal…

The more she tired to stretch and massage the Right hip (the painful one) the more irritated it became….

But Nicole, was finally able to find relief by focusing her attention on taking pressure, tension, and strain off her hip (instead of doing treatment directly on her hip).

What does it mean to take strain OFF her hip?

You can choose to believe it or not, but everything in our body is truly “CONNECTED”.

And a combination of old injuries, poor posture and bad habits all place tension and pressure on the low back and pelvic girdler complex unsymmetrically….

And this creates the Syndrome, the dysfunction, the dis-ease in her pelvic girdler.

This is a phenomenon known as ‘COMPENSATION’….
And for Nicole, we identified 4 areas of her body which had been largely ignored since she’d been so focused on trying to fix the symptom of her hip pain.

  1. Tight hip flexor muscles
  2. An old knee injury from skiing
  3. A muscle spams in her ‘middle back
  4. Tightness and tension on her good side

And by addressing these problems with a mixture of:
Hands-on specialized Myofascial release therapy to open the tightened muscle of her hip and low back
Reducing adhesions from restricted tissue lengths ‘knots’ in the muscles along her knee
Alleviating the tensional loads off the mid back and upper back
Teaching her proper stretches to both sides of her body w/ a prescription of stretch parameters specific to optimal healing.
The hip and low back pain finally had symmetry and balance…

And FINALLY… she found relief….
….. The Right hip? low back pressure and ache……

It was gone, finally the feeling of NOTHING with sitting, playing soccer, or driving.
And as a Result? 

Back to playing her co-ed soccer w/ no pain during rest and Yoga 
Not taking any more injections or pain pills. 

Finally, can make that trip out to Orange County and back without her Right hip throbbing and aching. Even though Nicole had sciatic pain for 2 years, and was diagnosed w/ arthritis and degeneration, but taking a whole-body approach, viewing her as a CONNECTED specimen, Nicole was finally able to heal

Could your hip and low back pain problem be coming from somewhere else in your body?
If you’ve been struggling with hip or low back problems for longer than a month, and you want to learn more about what these ‘root causes’ could be….

At Rendon Physical Therapy, we offer FREE mobility screens at our ‘Discovery Visits’ You will have a private session with a mobility specialist here at Rendon Physical Therapy, where you’ll get the chance to:

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A glimpse into your own ‘mobility profile’ to help you see exactly what could be causing your injury and tell you the ‘root cause’ of WHY you may be hurting.

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