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“Physical Performance At A Young Age”

Dr. Abel Rendon, D.Sc, DPT, PT fell in love with physical performance at an early age. Involved in all varsities through his high school years, it began to pave the way into a therapeutic career. A college academic advisor counseled him to merge his love of sport and science which directed him into a pursuit of Physical Therapy. Dr. Rendon was accepted to the first entry level doctorate class of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in 2003. He finished his 1st Clinical Doctorate in 2006, and completed a 2nd Academic Doctorate in 2011 in the field of Physical Therapy. He has continued to learn and teach advanced manual techniques in Whole Body Fascial Stretching, Connective Tissue Facilitation, Neuromuscular Re education, and Therapeutic Exercise.

He currently teaches the Post-Professional Physical Therapy and Entry Level Doctor of Physical Therapy students at Loma Linda University. With his history at Loma Linda University he was offered and took an opportunity of educating abroad in Puerto Rico. Dr. Rendon continues his physical activity engagement with CrossFit, cycling, running, and chasing around his 3 little girls.  

Dr. Rendon chooses a style of treatment that ultimately puts the patient’s goals first, and that approach is a One on One.

“One to One is the Best” At Rendon Physical Therapy our aim is to provide you with individual treatments that are developed to your specific needs and goals. Whether its pain management, being able to work out longer, stand for longer periods of time with out pain, play with grandchildren or do common tasks around the house with out reaching for pain medicine, your goals are the most important aspect to creating a specialized individualized treatment approach. There is no “cookie cut” design to rehabilitation, there is only Personalization.

After several years of working for another private practice as a sub-contractor Dr. Rendon decided to open his own practice in the midst of a brand new performance and rehabilitation center in the Tri-city area. Institute for Precision in Movement was an ideal location and venue to provide rehabilitation service and have patients be able to progress through a spectrum of “Chronic to Performance” capacity, or any where in between. Improving a patients daily quality of life is Rendon Physical Therapy’s core value and mission.

At Rendon Physical Therapy,  we help people aged 30-70 become more Active and Flexible, Live Free from Opioids, and Keep out of Physicians Waiting Rooms.”

If you are NOT Satisfied with the outcomes of your previous interventions and you continue to BATTLE with any of these following issues:

  • Back Pain,
  • Headaches,
  • Sciatica,
  • Joint Pain,
  • Pelvic & Sacro-Illiac pain

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Abel Rendon

Rendon Physical Therapy

"We Help Active Adults Who Have Aches & Pains Get Back To Their Daily Routines Without Medications, Injections, Or Surgery."