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Redlight Therapy

How Infrared Light Therapy works

You might have heard of red-light therapy. These days, it’s a common term in the cosmetics world. But there’s much more to light therapy than meeting the eye.

As humans, we’ve evolved under the sun’s full spectrum of light, and are affected both by visible light (which we see as colors, such as red light) and invisible wavelengths (such as infrared and ultraviolet).

Scientific research has discovered that light at specific red and near-infrared wavelengths stimulates the body’s natural healing process. When treatments use light at these wavelengths we refer to it simply as infrared light therapy.

And when this powerful light is targeted, it becomes much more effective.

Let’s first consider how red-light therapy can improve your health.

  1. Red Light Decreases Inflammation

Red light therapy can dramatically lower inflammation levels in the body. This means that red light can be used to treat problems like osteoarthritis, joint injuries, and excessive swelling without any of the side-effects that are commonly associated with inflammation-reducing non-prescription drugs such as NSAIDs. The efficacy of red-light therapy for reducing inflammation has been scientifically demonstrated on many different locations of the human body such as the back, neck, shoulders, knees and even the jaw. This means that you can use a red-light therapy device, even a small one to very specifically treat an area that is bothering you.


  1. Red Light Upgrades Thyroid Functioning

Red light therapy can increase thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are very important because they are responsible for adequate energy production in the human body. While a lot of different variables are responsible for energy production, the thyroid is one of the most essential body parts responsible for creating high energy levels so that you do not feel sluggish.


  1. Red Light Therapy Speeds Up Recovery

Red light therapy stimulates the activity of stem cells which are the basic undifferentiated cells in the body. Stem cells can turn into any cell with a specific function, such as skin cells or muscle cells (16). Such stem cell activity can consequently decrease levels of general fatigue, meaning you will feel less tired after a workout, because the stem cells are turned into new cells.

& there are so many more benefits

Treat the root cause of your pain instead of the symptom.

  • Speed up healing.

Light therapy boosts blood flow by stimulating the release of NO (Nitric Oxide) into the blood vessels. Blood vessel walls react to NO by relaxing and diluting, leaving more room for blood to flow. Once healthy blood flow is established it drains the excess fluids and swelling, relieving pressure, and reducing pain.

  • Decrease inflammation faster.

Inflammation happens when our body spots potential tissue damage. Our body responds by producing inflammasomes (immune system receptors that induce inflammation). But what triggers this? That would be ROS (reactive oxygen species) produced by the mitochondria. Since near-infrared light has been proven to energize the mitochondria, it impacts anti-inflammation, and relieves pain.

  • Promote pain-soothing hormones.

Near infrared light therapy mimics the natural effects of sunshine. This means that it regulates serotonin levels and stimulates the release of beta-endorphin. While endorphin will block several opioid receptors, serotonin is known to help greatly in regulating pain.