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People Who We Help Include

Active Moms And Dads

Who are finding it more difficulty to keep up with their children due to pain

Active Adults

Who have tried multiple interventions for their pain with no success

Weekend Warriors

Who enjoys regular physical activity and fitness 


Who Have Had Nagging Aches And Pains Without Resolve

​Young Adults

Who Do Not Wish To Take Pain Medications Or Risk Surgery

Rendon Physical Therapy Clinic

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About Abel Rendon...

Abel Rendon fell in love with physical performance at childhood. Involved in all varsities through his high school years, paved the way into a pursuit of a Physical Therapy career.

He studied Spanish Linguistics in Spain while in college and received a Bachelors in Art in Spanish Linguistics. He was accepted into entry level Doctor of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in 2003. Following his graduation in 2006 he was accepted into the Doctor of Science in Physical Therapy, an academic doctorate in 2007. Along with increase academic exposure, he was also given the opportunity to teach at a university level. Abel has held courses in a lab assistant and primary instructor role since 2008. Continual learning is in his make up, after a few years of manual physical therapy he was exposed to about Myofascial release and quickly started taking continuing education courses and traveled around the country to learn from other master clinicians. His clinical demand grew and now he has built a practice on these osteopathic principles.

During that course in time he met his wife, Mindy. He and his wife now have 3 beautiful daughters. Abel loves all forms of activities but currently his preferences are CrossFit, Cycling, snowboarding and Yoga.

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